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Walking on the other side

With the Devil trying to take my mind

John Constantine
10 May
And my soul's just a silhouette
On the ashes of a cigarette

Secundum me animus minuo, illa angelus de malum canto.


You want to know who I am? Well sorry, I don't want to know who you are. Things are better if you stay away from me. Don't get close and don't try to be my friend.

I know and see things that your blinded mind can't even imagine. If you thought heaven and hell were only myths told to scare religious fanatics, then you're wrong.


Physical appearance: Tall, slender, and pale, with deep brown eyes and dark hair, that is gelled in a fashionable, yet spiked style; is how you would describe the looks of John Constantine. But his beauty has since been viewed that way, for his soul has constantly been twisted along a downward spiral. The stress of what he's gone through, and witnessed, has caused his body to tire, and his demeanor turned cold.

Still to most, he's seen as a cynical beauty, often wearing a black suit, black tie and white shirt. His attire is never that of a colorful nature, and it represents his personality; dark. His smoking habits don't seem to help his health much either, for one day, it'll be the death of him if he continues. He'd escaped cancer once, but because he didn't quit right away, the disease came back, and now there's nothing he can do to stop it. It's damn irony is what it is. Smoking was his only measure to settle the stress of what he was given; a way to relieve the curse.

Personality: Years of being able to see things that few of the blind world can only dream and fear about, has caused John's psyche to be dry and cause him to act somewhat like of an asshole. Most would view John as a prick during first inspection, but deep down within his coldhearted nature, is a human being determined to do right in the world. Or perhaps he's only thinking of himself in dire means to win his way into heaven when he dies.

He'd made a mistake several years ago and because of that, he is destined to spend an eternity in hell, so you can't blame him for being a little pissed at God for not forgiving him. Everyday John hears the halfbreeds telling him how he's the 'Only soul Lucifer would come out of hell to claim,' and he's determined for that not to happen. Call it fear if you will, but John will see to every mean to stay out of such a horrid place.

But it's not as if he doesn't care for people, or has no friends; that's hardly the case at all, for without the good company of those who believed him, he'd go insane. And perhaps being the unsung hero to those saved from possession, with them practically bowing down at his feet, makes a depressed man feel better about himself everyday. And the pay doesn't hurt either.

Character History: Growing up a child with the ability to see the souls of sinners and saints in the forms of hideous creatures, or angelic beings, had John questioning his current state of being. His parents were unsure of what was wrong with him, and trying to help their child as best they knew, poor John was sent to a mental institution. But the massive shock therapy, and constant 'torture into becoming sane' method failed, made it worse even. His parents throughly believed him to be possessed and in a final attempt to turn their child normal, John was sent to a priest. Though no demons had used him for a finger-puppet, the strong words were enough to cause anyone pain.

Like everything else; all attempts to turn John normal failed and in a last desperate attempt to escape the harsh reality of the mocking world, John attempted suicide. Hoping that he'd escape the half-breeds once and for all, a sudden horrible realization hit when he spent nearly two minutes in that fiery reign of Lucifer's kingdom. There is no theory of time in the afterlife and upon only tasting just a fragment of eternal damnation, anyone coming back from such a place is enough to make one a believer.

Knowing that he wasn't crazy and the things he saw were real, John studied, researched and investigated everything he could and traveled across the globe in means to obtain more. He made friends with the voodoo oracle Midnite, the collector Beeman and another psychic named Hennessy, who later became a priest.

Still, throughout his college and adult years, many of those who meddled with the unknown, ended up dead and a haunting spirit for John. Unprepared against the things that went bump in the night, usually resulted in their deaths. It is said that Balthazar had seduced and murdered a very close friend to John, which thus explains his hate toward this bastard half-breed the most.

But rules are rules and despite him saving others, gaining all this information and trying to avoid a suffering eternity all suicides go to hell.

Powers/Abilities: John has a wide advanced knowledge in several languages, including English, Spanish, Latin... just to name a few. Having studied throughly on the various religious cultures, demonology and mythology, he's literally a walking book for the occult and supernatural. Being born psychic, John is able to sense things that few people even want to believe. Not only can he see ghosts and spirits, but he can also spot the half-breeds among the humans. Having learned various spells, John protects himself well against the many opposing forces that want to see him in Hell sooner than John would agree to. Still, sometimes they find a way to break that spell, but he always has a backup plan.

Weakness: Like any human, John's physical body is rather fragile and can easily be wounded or harmed. Since having to deal with the powers given, John enjoys smoking a bit too much to ease the stress he deals with everyday. John suffers from depression and isolation on a daily basis and is highly cynical to why things go the way they go. He's a miserable individual.

I'm not John Constantine, or Keanu Reeves for that matter okay? Please don't hurt me!! I know the film is NOTHING like the comics, and hey, I enjoy it as much as I do the movie, so no hating me just because I'm playing a character who is in no way like his comic counterpart, well minus the blonde hair, blue eyes and brittish thing of course. Think of him like a seperate person who just so happens to have the same name and abilities. AU people! AU!!!

©Vertigo Comics-Warner Bros. // ©Hellblazer-Constantine